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The Elegant Spiritualist
accepts the premise that we create our own reality
as individual parts of an interconnective force field of life.
In more simple terms We Are One. 
 Thus the statement: we are interdependent.
This statement represents a higher order of reasoning
known to spiritual masters throughout the world
throughout the ages.
As in olden times, this way of experiencing world
is capable of producing solutions
to the problems found within the ancient world
as well as the contemporary world.
If this shift is to occur,
it requires a sense of personal responsibility
on the part of each person.
As each assumes personal responsibility,
we begin to heal individually and collectively. 
As we develop skills of awareness and insight,
we no longer feel victimized or controlled by life's challenges.
We become an Elegant Spirit-
an individual who has awakened to the realization
that each of us is a creator
and therefore acts to honor that power
through living with love, wisdom, and compassion. 
The seeds planted by the Elegant Spirit
produce unconditional love, an attitude of non-judgmentalism,
and acceptance of all that has life.
The Principles for living the way of the Elegant Spirit
are reflected in the Principles of Spirit Light ISC.
Spiritualists for eons are 
those who are not slaves to tradition,
nor do they bow to idolotrous worship.
To them, worship consists of contemplation
of the divine in nature.
Honest thinking, loving sympathies and kindly services
replace creeds and take the place of
prayers and ceremonials.
Spiritualists believe that nothing is too sacred to be investigated
so long as the aim is to reach the truth.
Their desire is to save humanity from ignorance and wrong-doing
through knowledge and right thinking
and their atonement is at-one-ment
with the Divine Mind of the universe.
This develops as the result of the greater knowledge
obtained through communication with the Spirit World.
Faith changes to knowledge,
and knowledge enhances and enlarges the mental outlook
of the Spiritualist
bringing it more into harmony
with nature's scheme for unfoldment.
The vitality of religion can only be maintained
by unbroken contact with the spirit world.
This contact is investigated through psychical research
and the emotionalism connected with a church service
is entirely absent.
As this happens the Spiritualist becomes mentally free
of superstitions and this helps the human family
live in greater harmony.
The priests or ministers of Spiritualism are the mediums,
the teachers, and all the healers of humanity.
The altar is dedicated to love and service,
and within this arena, the two worlds meet.

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