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Ancient religions incorporated within their structure a belief
that spiritual phenomena occurred due
to miraculous interventions, superstitions, and the use of magic or mystical events.

Modern Spiritualism bases itself not only on the belief in a continuous life
 but that spiritual phenomena are governed by Natural Laws
and are available to all who take the time to learn and comply with these laws.

 Philosophy of Spiritualism 
has been received through communication by means of Mediumship
from teachers and philosophers who live in the spirit world.
The Philosophy of Spiritualism searches for the truth
across time as told by ancient and current philosophers.
It accepts the truth best supported by current knowledge.

Science of Spiritualism 
investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations
demonstrated from the spirit side of life. It is the facts and
manifestations that best lend their support to the
individual development of the spiritual self that
lead the current philosophy of spiritualism.
Spiritualism is known to be the only religion in the world
which can be subjected to scientific testing for proof of its claims.

Religion of Spiritualism 
supports the individual in his or her development of spiritual qualities.
This development enables the individual spiritualist to
contribute to the best of his or her ability to the welfare
of the world, their country, and that of each individual
with whom they come in contact.


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