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A church builds around the church, not a person or a group of people.
The decision to join a church is made because you believe in the church
and its religious philosophy, but not for any other reason.
The church is the harmonious attunment of every person who enters its doors
whether they are a member of the church or not.

The church is its people, who practice its philosophy and its religion.
If the Principles ring true for you,
Join Us!!!

We bid you welcome.
1. We believe in the presence of a consciousness of such massiveness that it 
 permeates everything that ever is, ever was, or ever will be, while containing everything within itself.
2. We affirm that we were born spirit and are on the earth to further our spiritual growth.
3. We believe that spiritual laws exist and that 
we are held accountable for our individual spiritual growth.
4.  Our respect for all living creatures and nature acknowledges our connection to the Divine
as we know the Divine. 
5. We accept the existence of survival after death.
  Communication with the spirit world
through our mediums brings solace and resolution
to those who remain and guidance for our daily lives.
Principles that Guide the Elegant Spirit:
1. Each of us is spirit and we create with words of love and wisdom.
2. Elegant Spirits recognize the power tools contained in Natural Law or Universal Principles.
3. Each person who enters our lives is a reflection of some aspect of our own being.
When we look beyond the personality traits of the person
we will see ourselves in the depths of the person's motivations, fears, strengths, and compassion.
Blaming others, therefore, serves no purpose.
4. Artificial barriers that separate the oneness of life are to be disregarded.
Life has no boundaries. It thrives anywhere there is love.
5. All life has consciousness: 
 therefore, all life is to be respected.
6. What is one is in the whole.
Realize that every positive or negative action
each of us puts into motion affects the whole of life.
7. Thoughts are power.
Recognize when you have too much negativity present and let it go.
Study the consequences of your actions, words, and thoughts,
realizing that at all times you are the creator behind that which you are studying.
8. Heal your addiction to violence in any and every form: actions, attitudes, words, habits, and thoughts.
Violence breeds disease and destroys the human emotional system.
9. Learn to recognize the desires in your life that control you
and strive to release yourself from anything that exerts power over you:
drugs, alcohol, negative habits, fears- anything that causes you to lose power.
10. Remember that at all times you are constantly healing.
Your body is reacting every second to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences.
Health is not a permanent condition unless you create it each day.
11. When you must take time to heal, do it gently, with self-compassion.
Learn from the experience so that it does not have to be repeated.
Trust the process of healing.
Listen to what your body needs as well as what your spirit needs.
Above all, value your health and your well-being. Make it a priority.
12. Clearly define in your heart your spiritual principles.
Know and be clear about what you believe.
Do not accept beliefs without question. 
Keep your focus on yourself and not on others.
13. Set aside time each day for your spiritual practice.
Meditation and prayer are essential.
Learn to be still and hear the inner voice of your soul.
14. Above all, practice loving.
Unconditional love requires the ultimate of efforts
and it reaps the ultimate of rewards.

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